Adding The FaceBook like button below each post

This is a tutorial on how to add the FaceBook like button to each post, without having to manually add it each time. First you will want to go get your like button. To do this go to Then fill out the information and click get code. Then you will need to go to your dashboard and choose settings > formatting. Scroll to the bottom where you see Post Template. You will need to past both codes from the HTML5 code you got from you FaceBook plug in page and hit save. Now when you make a post the Like button will be at the bottom of your post. Here is a Video On how to do this as well. If you like the video, be sure to subscribe to my channel on the right 

Learn to put a link in your post - Video

This will be a post to teach you how to put a link in the content of your post. This will be a video post, so if you like the video, subscribe to my YouTube channel on the right. There will be more videos to come.

here is a link to my other blog Santas work shop.

Changing Your Blogs Look - Video

This is just a short video on how to change some things on your blog template. I would suggest that you play around with it a little bit, and see some of the different things you can do in the advanced menu.
In the video I tell you about the blog post title. If you want to change the color of the blog post title, this will be the option LINK while you are in advanced. The title in a post is a link, so to change the color of the post, you need to change the color of your links.

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