Getting Started

To make a blog website, you will first need a Google account. This is very simple to do if you do not already have a Google account. Just go to create Google account and your on your way. If you have a Google account you can just sign in from the above link.

After you have made your account you are ready to create you blog website.  First you will need a title. We will use this blog site as an example. The title to this site is "The Blogger Pages, How To". Then you will need a URL (web address) this will be the address of your site.The address to this site is You can make the address what ever you want, just check to see if its available. Then type in the word verification then hit continue to go to the next page and pick your template. Once you choose a template you can start posting. Don't worry about the template choice you make, if you don't like it, you can always change it later.

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