How To Make A Post

This will also be easy to learn if you have never done this before. I am keeping this simple for those who have never attempted a blog site before. So skilled blog masters might want to skip this step.

To make a post just hit new post on your blogs dashboard, you should get a screen like this. Then Title you post. After you have a title to the post you are about to write, just write what you want for that post. Along the top you have tools to help. Their is a spell check, add a video, add an image, underline, Bold, Italic, Large and Small Text, and different Fonts. You can also add color to your text, or a background color. When you are finished just hit publish post.


  1. Have a question about the pages/posts; whats the difference and their relationship? Can one make several posts on a page? If so how? This' because I have a blog addressing so many issues and so I would like to categorize/classify them.

    1. Pages are not like posts. Pages are content, that wont change often. For instance, you might have an about this site page, or about the auther page, or how to contact page, but a post new information. Here is a link to my post, The Differance between pages and posts. This might help.