This is a tutorial on how to add an audio player to your blog website. You will need to download a few things, but it is well worth it, and everything is FREE.

If you have MP3 files, you do not need to download Audacity. This is just for recording your own voice, changing it to an MP3 file. Then we load the MP3 to a FREE host.

So if you have MP3 files, skip to the bottom to, NOW FOR THE COOL PART and start adding your files to kiwi6

First you will need to download Audacity for what ever operating system you have. To do this CLICK HERE and you will be directed to choose what operating system you have. I have windows XP as my operating system.
You can also download from cnet HERE

After that you will also need to download LAME MP3 ENCODER This allowes you to export your recording to an MP3 library for you to use later as we go along.

After you have downloaded both, try and make a short audio file and export it. When you export it, you will have to look for the LAME library. You should only have to do this once. It should be in program Files

NOW FOR THE COOL PART, getting the audio player.

This is a site I found that is totally FREE as well. Kiwi6 Just register an account there and upload your MP3 file. After that go to Profile on the right, and you should see the MP3's you have uploaded. Choose the one you want and click on it. Then click EMBED. After that copy the code for music player.

Come back to your blog and add the code to your post, Do this by switching from COMPOSE to Edit HTML at the top right, or you can add it to the gadget HTML/JAVA SCRIPT. witch ever you like. If it is in the HTML gadget, it will appear on all your page in the side bar or at the top, depending on where you put the gadget.

Oh yea, you can also add music or any other MP3 file you want on your registered Kiwi6 account, and have that added to your blog as well.

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