How To Make Money On Your Blog Website

Well, there are many different ways to make money on your blog website. One way is by letting Google place ads on your blog site, which we talked about in our tutorial on AdSense. This is basically a you get paid when someone clicks on an ad. This is called Pay Per Click, or PPC.
   Other ways to make some extra money on your blog site, is to be an affiliate with companies who sell products in the same category of your site. To get affiliated with these companies usually all you need to do is apply. For example: I am an affiliate of , and on this site I have a store, and a few ads that I have placed on the blog. When you or anyone go's to by clicking on a banner, add, or through my Blogger Mart store, I get a commission on anything purchased there. You can find an affiliate company for just about any type of blog you have. Many times if you go to a website and scroll to the bottom, there will be a spot that says affiliate.You can usually click on the affiliate link to apply  Here is another example. I am an affiliate of Christian books .com. I have to other blog sites. One is Video Sermon, and the other is an Audio Picture Bible blog I built. Now for my affiliate through CBDcom I get a 10% Communion on sales. Different affiliate programs will have different commission.
To generate money on your blog site (in my opinion) all you need to do is help people. Have products that the person who visits your blog site might need or be looking for. When you have good content on your blog site you will start to get traffic. When you start to get traffic you will see that you will get clicks and sales.
I hope this helps you with you getting to know affiliates and how thay work.

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