Today we will be going over, how to add the Facebook LIKE button to a post and to the blog itself.
How to add the LIKE button, to the site itself. - First you need to know where to get the like button. Go to Facebook plug ins and put in the information to get your button.When you are finished, click the get code. Copy the code and come back to your blog site. Then go to Design and click add a gadget. Choose the gadget HTML/JAVA SCRIPT. Then paste the code in the gadget and hit save. You will have to paste both codes into the widget if you are useing the HTML5 code. If you use the iframe code, there will be only 1. Thats all you have to do.

Now, how to add the LIKE button to a post. This one is a little different. First make your post and publish it. We will add the LIKE button after the post is made, because we need the post URL (address). So publish your post then copy the URL (address) of that post. It should look something like this,
Then go back to the Facebook plug in page and put in the information, and hit the get code. You will have to copy both codes, so you will need to go back and forth, so I would leave both pages up while you do this. Post the first code in, where you want it, and then post the second code right after the first one. After that, just hit publish post.

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