Make Money With AdSense

    A good way to make a little extra money on you blog is to have an AdSense account. This will let you place adds on your blog for revenue.
    How to start an AdSense account. Go to your blog dashboard, then scroll to the bottom and look at the tools and resources, there you will see AdSense. Click on that to submit your information and request an account. It might take a little time to get approved. Once you are approved, you can start adding ads to your blog.
How to add the ads. Go to your dashboard again and click on design. Then you will click on add a gadget where you want the ads to be placed. Choose the gadget AdSense. You will have many options on what your ads will look like. After you have chosen the way you want your ads to look, hit save. This will place the ads on your blog.
Getting paid. The way you make money with AdSense is, when someone clicks on an add that is placed on your blog, you make money. Some ads pay more that others.
   You must reach $100 before AdSense will send you your check, and you have to do some verifying on your AdSense account. There will be a mail verification( AdSense sends you a letter with a code you have to put in your account), an E-Mail verification, and a few others. This is just to verify all your information is real.
A Few Rules. Google is not stupid. So when using Google AdSense, DO NOT tell people to click on your ads, get involved with an add click exchange or, hide ads in links. This will get you banned from Google AdSense.You are only allowed to have 3 Ads on a page. To see all the terms and regulations, check your AdSense account.  If you think you can out smart Google, well, you can't. Just make good content on your blog and when you start getting traffic, the clicks will come.

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