Adding Links In A Post.

How to add a link in a page post.
Here is an example. I will add a link from the post (delete nav-bar.) To the post we are creating now.
All you do is hi light the address (URL) you want as your link, by scrolling over it with your mouse while the left click is pressed, Then right click and copy. Then you will have to add (paste) the address (URL) of where you want to link to, to your post. So in this case, I will go to the page delete nav-bar, copy the address at the top of the page circled in red.

Then come back and edit your post and add the link. So I scroll over the words I want to be my link, and hi light them, then click the link in the tool bar, and past the address into the "what URL should this go to".

This will make the Delet Nav-Bar a link 
If you do not hit publish page, be sure to save it by hitting save as draft, so you can come back and publish it later

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