Adding The Follow Us On Facebook Widget To Your Blog

This will be a tutorial on how to add the widget follow us on Facebook. First you need to have a page on Facebook. If you do not have a fan page you can make one by clicking HERE. Once you have your Fan Page, you will want to get the widget so people can follow your fan page. To do this you will need to go to Facebooks social plugins. Click here for this. Now you will need to scroll down to the section LIKE BOX. This is to get the code for the widget you are going to add on your blog. Then you will go to the page you have made and copy the URL at the top in the address bar and put it in where it says Facebook URL. You might want to change the width, depending on where you plan to put the widget on your blog. When you have the widget the way you want it, hit get code. There are 3 options of code to use. I use the HTML5 code. You will have to put both codes in your widget if you use this one. Now, how to add the code. Scroll over the first code and copy it. Go to your blog dashboard and click design, then click on add a gadget where you want the gadget to be. Then chose the gadget HTML/JAVA. If you want a title you can, but is not necessary. Then in the box, past the first code. Go back to the code and get the second code. Then copy it as well and paste it after the first code and hit save. Now you have added the follow us on Facebook widget to your blog. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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