The Differance Between Pages and Posts

Many people try and use pages as another way to post on different subjects. This is not good for you blog, or you time. It takes time to go to a page and delete the content you have, just to make new content for that page. Plus after you have deleted the old content, your viewers can not go back to what you deleted if they needed to see it again.
   Pages are just a way to put content up that will not be edited often, Like an about this site page, or maybe a contact page, as you see I have here in this blog. Here is an example - You have a blog where you sell birth stone jewelry. You might want a page that has all the birthstones posted by month. That will be a page that will not get edited.

Now, how to organize your subjects in your blog. For this we have labels. When you make a post to your blog, there will be a spot at the bottom of the page (before you publish the post) that says labels. You just type in the label or labels (separated by a coma ) that you want for that post, Then hit publish. When someone clicks on that label, all your post's with that label will be shown to them. Example, I have a blog about stock's and money. In 6 out of my 20 post's there is a lable mutual fund. If someone clicks on the mutual fund label then all 6 post's with that label will be shown to them.
This is a good way to keep your post's organized, and let readers find what they need on your site.
I hope this helps you with the differance between pages and post's
You can post as often as you like, as long as you do not go over 50 post's a day. This number is set by Blogger, to keep people from spaming.

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